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Horizons Network

The Horizons Network is the vehicle around which innovation is articulated in Isdefe and acquires the capacity to anticipate the opportunities and challenges that the Public Administration will have to face, developing ideas and proposing innovative solutions.

The Horizons Network:
• It identifies and takes advantage of the existing sources of knowledge in the innovation ecosystem, establishes a range of lines of activity focused on both the staff and General State Administration (AGE) bodies, and makes tools available to the organisation to promote an innovative corporate culture.

• It carries out technological and methodological surveillance and prospective activities in Isdefe's areas of strategic interest, mainly using the University-Isdefe collaboration framework articulated in technological observatories.

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Actividades i

R&D ideas gathering and management programme

During 2020, the sixth edition of the RD&I Ideas Capture and Management Programme was held,allowing the participation of all Isdefe employees in the process of generating ideas to be transformed into research, development and innovation projects with internal applications and for our customers.

The programme fosters the corporate culture of RD&I and is developed with the aim of engaging and raising awareness throughout the organisation about the importance of innovation and its leading role in the process when generating value for the company.

In the 2020 call, despite the situation caused by the pandemic, the number of proposals submitted has increased notably, reaching a total of 27 ideas in the fields of defence, security, public administration and energy.

SIGUEN - National Energy Efficiency GIS Tool to define strategies in a just transition
• Objectivedevelopment of a Geographic Information System (GIS) capable of representing the current state of energy efficiency of certified buildings or their estimated efficiency based on their characteristics and energy consumption.
• General State Administration (AGE) Interest: Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE), Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.
SEMODI - Money movement tracking

• Objective: the investigation of new technologies for the monitoring of money in the prevention of tax fraud, money laundering and other crimes related to the economic sphere.
• General State Administration (AGE) Interest: State Security Bodies and Forces, Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Finance.

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