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Horizons Network

The Horizons Network is the instrument around which innovation at Isdefe is structured. Through the Network, the company is able to stay ahead of the opportunities and challenges facing public authorities, developing ideas and proposing innovative solutions. The Network identifies and leverages existing sources of knowledge in the innovation ecosystem, sets up a range of action lines focused both on staff and public agencies, and makes tools available to the organisation to foster the corporate innovation-driven culture of the staff.

The Horizons Network develops activities in surveillance and technological and methodological forecasting in areas of strategic interest for Isdefe, mainly by tapping the University-Isdefe collaborative network structured through the six Observatories created in 2016.

Research and development activities

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R&D ideas gathering and management programme

The fifth edition of the company’s benchmark R&D ideas-gathering programme was held in 2019.
The programme leverages staff engagement in the process of generating Research, Development and Innovation projects with internal applications and for our clients.

It fosters the corporate R&D culture by engaging and raising awareness right across the organisation around the importance of innovation and its role in the process in generating value for the company.

The winning projects in the 2019 Call were:

MOCED - Methodology for the Management and Operation of Distributed Space Centress
  • Objective: Study of the best methods for managing and operating the ground segment for aerospace projects in order to achieve a system of distributed space centres for telemetry and remote control purposes, and to download and process payload data.
  • Government interest: INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) at the national level; ESA (European Space Agency) internationally.
  • Status: Project in formalisation phase.
SEMCE - Applying Artificial Intelligence to Achieve the Goals of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC)
  • Objective: To develop a model based on artificial intelligence techniques that is able to assess the level of compliance with the targets laid out in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) through a pilot programme that compares the actual consumption in buildings of Spain’s national government against their energy ratings. The project will include a prototype and proof of concept of the tool.
  • Government interest: IDAE – Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings.
  • Status: Project in formalisation phase.
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