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Defence and Security Sector

Isdefe was founded with the aim of meeting demands for technological solutions to advanced programmes within the Ministry of Defence and now we are the benchmark in-house technical service provider for the Spanish Administration in Defence and Security.

We provide technological and strategic consulting services to the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces, Ministry of Home Affairs, law enforcement and civil protection agencies, and international and multilateral organisations including the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

Space Sector

Isdefe is active in engineering and specialist technical support in the space sector, in the field of navigation and satellite communications, Earth observation and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) for the Spanish administration, the European Commission and several international space agencies.

It also carries out management, operational and maintenance activities for space communication centres and sites in Spain both for the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA) and the European Space Agency (ESA), as well as the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Transport Sector

Isdefe provides engineering and consulting services aimed at the organisations tasked with the regulation, supervision and provision of transport-related services across their different aspects, driving the generation of new technological capabilities, improved security and optimisation of operational procedures.

Public Administrations Sector

Isdefe provides technical support and specialist consulting services to Central Government bodies oriented to enhancing their capacity, efficiency and sustainability and supporting their digital transformation and technological modernisation processes to respond to society’s demands. In the field of economic management of the civil service, Isdefe provides support in the management of public funds, provides technical support for defining and implementing procurement strategies, price estimates and analysis, and the development of cost analysis accounting models.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector

Isdefe has extensive experience in ICT, providing engineeringand consulting services to the Central Government, defining digital public services and e-administration, planning and managing the radio spectrum, managing the digital dividend and reducing the digital divide. Our teams support the competent government agencies in regulating and supervising ICT services.

Energy Sector

Isdefe provides technical support to major energy policy implementation plans and programmes, both for Energy Efficiency and Renewables.

Consulting in the field of Energy Security, along the lines established in the National Energy Security Strategy, in the areas of regulations and legislation, security of supply, promotion of local sources, economic and environmental sustainability and security culture outreach.

R&D Activities

At Isdefe, innovation pursues objectives closely linked to its nature as an in-house technical service provider to the Central Government: knowledge generation, anticipation of needs and improvement of engineering and consulting services in strategic areas of government. For this reason, we have focused on R&D activities as the tool that will enable us to identify and understand which technologies await in the future, to better anticipate the impact these technologies could have, particularly in the field of Defence and Security.

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