Committed to our clients

Isdefe is committed to la excellence through the continuous improvement of the quality of its services with the ISO 9001:2015 and the Certification from the Ministry of Defence for the Quality Management System, according to standard PECAL/AQAP 2110

Isdefe continuously conducts surveys to determine the importance of and global satisfaction with our services and their evolution. y su evolución en el tiempo.

Within the overall objectives communicated to all staff for the year 2019, the company established that its General Satisfaction Index should be equal to or greater than 8.5.

Committed to our employees

The Isdefe workforce at 31 December 2019 comprised 1,650 people, el 91,6% belonging to the Operating Units (production) 8,4% to Corporate Services (administration and management services).

Isdefe is a company that excels in knowledge resources and employs them to the hilt.

clasificacion mujeres hombres

Investment in training:

clasificacion mujeres hombres

Committed to our suppliers

Isdefe is considered to be an Adjudicator in accordance with the provisions of Law 9/2017, of November 8, on public sector contracts, which transposes the directives of the European Parliament and the Council 2014/23/EU and 2014/24/EU into the Spanish legal system, therefore submitting all its contracting processes to the principles of freedom of access to tenders, publicy, transparency, nondiscrimination and equal treatment among bidders, implementing the principle of integrity across all its procedures.

Isdefe demands from the economic operators with which it is entering into contracts the same capacity and solvency requirements as required by the Administration and certification of not incurring grounds for prohibition and incompatibilities under the terms established in Act 9/2017.

Committed to society

Isdefe has a social action programme aimed at contributing to sustainable developmentin the environment in which we operate, through solidarity initiatives we carry out in partnership with foundations and NGOs aligned with the company’s strategy and values, with the focus within the sphere of Public Administrations and especially the field of Defence and Security. 

> Corporate Volunteering with Masnatur
> Collaboration with the Civil Guard Solidarity Association
> Christmas Charity Campaign
> Collection of Solidarity Caps
> Participation in the Naval Race
> Donation of computers
> Values education

Featured participations in 2019


Practical seminar of the European Fund Management: Present and Future.

57th Army Awards Gala.

ISDEFE engagement in 5th edition of SYMDEX.

“Antonio de Oquendo” Prize at the 2019 Navy Awards.

7th National Congress on Defence and Security R&D (DESEI+d 2019) (Desei+d 2019)

2nd Public Procurement Seminars: Analysis of In-house Service Providers in the Current Legal System.

CIBERWALL Congress 2019 on Digital Security and Cyber Intelligence, National Police Force (CNP).

I nternational Defence and Security Fair (FEINDEF 2019).

Air Force Environmental Excellence in Maintenance Award.

1st Maintenance Reliability Workshop: Isdefe presents the speech “Design Based on the Reliability and Maintenance of the GSMC”.

Summer Course 2019: “Impact of Artificial Intelligence” UfM CESEDEM Chair.

Committed to our services

On this occasion, the aim was to gather around 50 staff members to appear in the videos, since Isdefe is its people and their knowledge, and what better way to present our company’s image than through the people who form this wonderful organisation. Also during the 2019:

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Committed to our

Committed to our

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