Environmental Performance

Tools for Environmental Management

Isdefe has an Environmental Policy and a certified Environmental Management System (EMS) in place, which promotes the efficient use of natural resources, the active prevention of pollution and the management of waste generated through our activity which is respectful of the environment.

Our Environmental Policy aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Comply with environmental legislation applicable to our activities, as well as those environmental commitments agreed with clients.
  • Identify and assess the environmental aspects arising from our activities in order to prevent negative impacts on the environment.
  • Properly manage waste generated through reuse, segregation and recycling.
  • Promote energy efficiency, making rational use of available resources.
  • Raise environmental awareness among employees by fostering the establishment of good environmental practices in the workplace.
  • Establish an ongoing improvement process for our environmental performance through the regular review of our EMS and the environmental objectives and goals set out.
  • Promote and disseminate this policy among Isdefe employees, collaborators, subcontractors and suppliers and make it available to interested parties.

Compliance with standards

Isdefe complies with environmental laws and regulations and has not received any fine nor been investigated in this matter during this last year.

Waste management

At Isdefe we follow a waste separation at source policy, using specific containers for each type of waste.

In our headquarters we have a general waste collection point which offers data on the correct separation of waste, the quantity generated, its correct labelling, as well as its adequate transport for subsequent treatment by an authorised manager.

Hazardous waste 2020* 2019*
Fluorescent tubes 42 80
Contaminated packaging 11 40
Sharp and cutting objects 19 24
Oil filters 9 18
Thermal oil 42 3
Contaminated absorb. 0 0
Aerosol sprays 7 0
Accumulators** 2.332 0
Non-hazardous waste 2020* 2019*
Organic 4.863 11.080
Paper 4.037 7.206
Cardboard 2.198 2.548
WEEE 2.365 1.515
Plastic 737 882
Glass 220 405
Scrap 68 353
Plastic cups 0 294
Biodegradable cups 331 281
Wood 167 83
Batteries 0 80
Hygiene products 71 55
CD/DVD/Hard drives 39 30
Toner 68 29
Air filters 170 18

Sustainable use of resources:
water, raw materials, energy

The evolution in Isdefe consumption of resources during the last three years shows a downward trend, as a result of our policies of analysing and controlling performance, as well as the functionality of equipment and facilities that require electricity, gas, water and paper resources, and the optimisation of consumption prioritising those that come from renewable sources.

Environmental objectives and performance in 2020

Isdefe has continued with its measures to continuously improve its environmental performance, making better use of raw materials, improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energies.


Installation, certification and launch of the charging stations for light vehicles and motorcycles at the headquarters on Beatriz de Bobadilla 3 (BdB3). (Objective already set in 2019 which continued in 2020).



1. Tender for the refurbishment work and maintenance service for electric vehicle charging infrastructures in the BdB3 garage (Dossier no. 2019-01519). Proposing a minimum of 6 charging stations for light vehicles and 2 stations for motorcycles.
2. Presentation of the tender dossier in the Community of Madrid so that Isdefe could receive State aid (MOVES Programme) to promote the installation of recharging of electric vehicles.
3. Awarding of the tender for the refurbishment work. The successful bidder's proposal increased by 4 stations the minimum requirements proposed (10 charging stations for light vehicles and 2 stations for motorcycles).
4. Implementation and commissioning of the charging stations, following the requirements identified in the bidding documents. On 31-07-2020 the planned works, tasks and procedures were completed.

Optimisation of the performance of the cooling and air conditioning systems of the BdB3 headquarters to reduce their electricity consumption. Objective to be achieved over two years
(2020 y 2021):
2020: study and evaluation of the different proposals made by specialised companies.
2021: implementation of the selected measures that are viable both technically and financially.


1- Replacement of the steam humidification systems of the precision machines in the Data Centre (submerged electrodes with joule effect), with more efficient technologies.
2- Provision of an indirect free-cooling system in the server and UPS area of the Data Centre by installing a supply and return air network independent of the Data Centre’s interior air conditioning.
3- Installation of speed regulation systems (variable-frequency drives) for the management of the hydraulic pumping groups that serve the secondary plant circuits of the cooled VRF system and independent cooling systems of the Data Centre.

Circular Economy

Isdefe applies measures for the prevention, recycling, reuse and other forms of recovery and disposal of waste as well as actions to combat food waste.
This contribution is based on the following:

economia circular isdefe

Challenges for 2020


With a view to the coming financial year and in order to continue working actively on the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, we have set the following objetives:

• Acquisition of tools for calculating Scope 3 of our Carbon Footprint:

- Start recording data and facts during 2021 on the mobility of employees when coming to work and on business trips.
- Final objective of complete data for 2022.

• Replacing the current company's delivery vehicle (combustion engine) with a 100% electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid or non-plug-in hybrid, with the aim of promoting more sustainable mobility, reducing emissions into the atmosphere and mitigating air pollution.

• Optimising the performance of the cooling and air conditioning systems of the BdB3 headquarters to reduce electricity consumption. This objective achieved is to be achieved over two years (2020 and 2021):

- 2021: start of the study on the implementation of viable measures, both technically and financially, to improve the steam humidification system of the precision machines in the Data Centre.

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