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Public Administrations Sector

Consulting for the Transformation of the Operation of the Administration

Technological Modernisation and Digital Transformation

Isdefe provides engineering and consulting services for the improvement and modernisation of public administrations in areas such as strategic consulting, process reengineering and change management.

Ministry of Defence / Army / Army Logistics Support Command (MALE)

Advanced logistics data analysis, including the development of predictive models for estimating probable life of materials, data mining in vehicle usage patterns and maintenance manpower capability in the Army.

Ministry of Home Affairs / General Directorate for Traffic (DGT)

Support in various strategic areas for the development of regulatory projects, preparation of the new national road safety strategy, study of the transformation of mobility and improvement in the management of the Directorate itself.

Ministry of Finance / General Directorate for Streamlining and Centralisation in Procurement

Performance of technical consulting, support and technical assistance activities in the analysis and adaptation of data protection regulations and the National Security Scheme.  Support and advisory activities in the field of centralised procurement.

Ministry of Labour and Social Economy / State Public Employment Service (SEPE) / Deputy General Directorate for Information and Communications Technology

Quality and safety engineering and consulting services through a Programmes and Services Office for the planning, management, control and monitoring of all ICT programmes, services and projects.

Engineering and consulting services to the Security and Quality Office for consulting support in the field of Security and Process Engineering and support for the quality assurance of information systems serving citizens and management units.

Support in the interoperability and exchange of information between SEPE systems and other public authorities and external bodies, coordinating actions within the scope of the Public Employment Services Information System (SISPE).

State Agencies / Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA), Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS), Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECI) and the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET)

Consulting and technical assistance services aimed at optimising the management of the Central Government, improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of public services, covering the definition and establishment of requirements for the objectives-based management model and its deployment and implementation across organisations.

Isdefe is supporting State Agencies in different areas:

  • Implementation of the full planning cycle, from strategic to operational, and in performance management through indicator systems.
  • Support in the analysis and improvement of economic and financial management (cost and management accounting systems), in the establishment of public rates and prices through market studies and analyses, and proposals for self-financing strategies.
  • Management optimisation through reengineering and process and procedure automation.
  • Improved project and programme management.
  • Isdefe also provides this type of service to other public bodies such as the Prado Museum and the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMCVC).

Technological Modernisation and Digital Transformation


Isdefe provides support to governments for their digital transformation, providing solutions that encourage the improvement and innovation of their services and their technological modernisation.

Ministry of Justice / Secretariat of State for Justice

Technical support in the planning, design, execution and automation of tests for judicial information systems pursuant to ISO 29119 (Software and Systems Engineering-Software Testing) and life cycle management and application configuration.

Activities aimed at providing innovative digital services and improving the quality of the public service of Justice.

Ministry of Universities / Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE)

Technical assistance to improve and extend the monitoring of actions, streamline, reduce administrative burdens and simplify and standardise procedures (zero-paper office).

Support in defining and implementing the e-management system for public funds from the Erasmus+ Programme, its management and the procedures associated with aid granted. System maintenance and improvement.

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / Administrator of Railway Infrastructures (Adif)

Consulting for the crosscutting transformation of Adif information systems with a management and coordination support office to:

  • Centralise functional and financial information at portfolio level and around plans, programmes and projects, facilitating the monitoring of actions in the ICT field.
  • Power productivity and boost value delivery on an ongoing basis, with the required quality, safety, deadlines and costs.
  • Enhance cost efficiency, aligning efforts and improving capabilities to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Promote the cultural change that allows for collaborative work internally and with other areas and directions, bolstering business satisfaction and IT/business alignment.
  • Increase quality and safety across all action areas, defining and promoting the adoption of best practices in relation to coordination and establishing continuous improvement and innovation.
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Support the Agency in integrating data and statistics on European and global air traffic for operation in a business intelligence environment.business intelligence).

Support to Economic Management of the Civil Service


Isdefe provides support to the Central Government in the management, evaluation, monitoring and continuous audit of Public Funds Programmes, both national and European.

It also performs cost-accounting related activities through the calculation of tariffs and their structuring, and provides consulting services to design strategies, policies and analyses of technical-economic information for regulatory bodies and supervisors of services in regulated markets.

Ministry of Defence / Secretary of State for Defence / General Directorate for Economic Affairs (DIGENECO)

Support to the Procurement Area through the preparation and processing of procurement regulations and drafting of the Ministry of Defence’s annual procurement report.

Support to the Procurement Modernisation Programme (PMC), highlighting the development and launch of the Public Sector Procurement Management Excellence Model, the preparation of the Ministry of Defence’s Annual Procurement Plan (PACDEF) and the preparation of procurement strategies for the centralised MINISDEF categories and their monitoring.

Support in the process of reviewing and implementing cost accounting models based on the activities of the Ministry of Defence as a whole: Ministry and Under Secretariat, EMAD, SEDEF, Army, Navy and Air Force.

Technical support in carrying out specific cost studies requested on demand to establish public prices for any activities the Ministry of Defence might provide to other bodies.

Ministry of Defence / Secretariat of State for Defence / General Directorate for Infrastructure (DIGENIN)

Assistance in tendering, controlling and monitoring centralised electricity supply contracts. Support in the implementation and monitoring of the framework agreement for the supply of bulk fuels and in the design of the framework agreement for the centralised procurement of natural gas.

Consulting at international energy-efficiency forums.

Ministry of Defence / Institute For Defence Housing, Infrastructure and Equipment (INVIED)

Technical support in management areas, highlighting the use of the activity-based cost accounting model in CANOA (Standardised Cost Accounting Systems for Administrative Organisations).

Ministry of Defence / Navy / Navy Logistics Support Command (JAL)

Support for the CIS Area of the Support Directorate in defining and monitoring support contracts for Navy communication facilities and equipment.

Ministry of Home Affairs / General Directorate for Traffic (DGT) / National Road Safety Observatory (ONSV)

Technical consulting for information processing, monitoring and control of annual calls for aid regarding Road Safety research and support programmes for victims of traffic accidents.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation / General Directorate for Sustainable Development Policies (DGPOLDES)

Technical consulting for the calculation and review of the assessment of Official Development Assistance (ODA) and preparation of information for multilateral development organisations and initiatives, mainly the OECD/UN Development Assistance Committee.

Ministry of Finance / General Directorate for European Funds (DGFE)

Support to the General Directorate, as the National Managing Authority for ERDF funds, in the selection of eGovernment operations in the public sector, the verification of management and the appointment of Intermediate Bodies. These services enabled the compliance objectives to be met in the period, and a significant return of ERDF funds to Spain was achieved to bolster processes for improving services to citizens.

Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge / Secretariat of State for Energy / IDAE

Continued technical assistance since 2017 for management of the 2014-2020 “Sustainable Growth” ERDF operational programme. Support in information organisation, procedures and systems. Consulting and support in the management of the different lines of action, especially regarding their relations with the European Investment Bank (EIB) for the management of financial aid instruments.

Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function / General Directorate for Regional and Local Cooperation

Technical support in the management of various operational programmes involving ERDF and ESF funds in the field of local cooperation.

Reina Sofía National Art Centre Museum (MNCARS)

Technical support in the field of economic/financial and contractual management. Assistance in the review of the activity-based cost accounting model in the CANOA system to determine costs and establish public prices.

Spanish Radio and Television Corporation (CRTVE)

Support in the control and monitoring of the centralised electricity supply contract. Consulting for the definition of the strategy and preparation of the specifications for the new centralised contract.

Ministry of Universities / Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE)

Support and partnership in the management of the Erasmus+ Programme and procedures associated with the aid granted through it.

National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC)

Support for the operation of the Regulatory Cost Information Model developed with the assistance of Isdefe for oversight of regulated activities in electricity and natural gas transport.

Consulting for the design of strategies, policies, plans and analysis of technical/economic information for regulatory authorities and regulated market supervisors in the transport, postal, telecommunications and energy sectors.

Assessment of potential price-regulation scenarios in the supervised sectors, in accordance with compliance with regulatory objectives and their market impact, helping to leverage decision-making.

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