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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector

Radio Spectrum


In the area of radio spectrum planning and management, we support the Administration for different radio communications services throughout the Spanish territory,
assuring quality and universal availability at the service of society.  We also provide consulting and assistance services in the definition and monitoring of National Plans for the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and for managing the Digital Dividend.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation / Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure

Technical support in the following actions:

  • Planning and management of the radio spectrum for the development of radio communications services: broadcasting and fixed wireless loop, point-to-point fixed and fixed-satellite service links, mobile services and space services.
  • In the evolution of digital terrestrial television, from implementation to support for the rollout of frequency migration processes (first and second digital dividend) for use by mobile electronic communications services in the deployment of 4G and 5G technologies, as well as support for the monitoring and implementation of the 5G National Plan.
  • In the creation, commissioning and operation of the Intermediate Body in the ICT sector for the ERDF Smart Growth Operational Programme for the 2014-2020 programming period.
  • To the technical office for the management of the National Natural Language Technology Plan and in the coordination of ICT actions and projects in this area with the European Commission.
  • In the definition, design, implementation and operation of improvements in the management and control system of public aid for R&D in the ICT sector.
  • To the cabinet of the Secretary of State in the planning and promotion of technological innovation programmes and institutional missions in the ICT field in relation to international organisations and the European Union. Ministry of Economy and Business / Secretariat of State for Digital Advancement (SEAD).

Communication Networks and Systems


We carry out specialised technical support activities in information security and digital trust, providing support for managing and executing communications programmes such as the New Infrastructures Programme  fostering  the deployment  of  ultrafast  de  networks  ultrarrápidas  and  broadband infrastructures, in addition to providing regulatory consulting services and analysis of telecommunications markets.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation / Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure

ICT strategic consulting services in activities that leverage data of a markedly confidential nature or where a guarantee of objectivity and independence of third-party interests is required, such as in the analysis of sensitive business information or the definition and execution of digital transformation plans.

Ministry of Home Affairs / Prison Labour and Vocational Training (TPFE)

ICT service consulting for the strategic definition, planning, control and monitoring of information networks and systems, within the TPFE Strategic Plan for E-Government and Digital Transformation.

Spanish Radio and Television Corporation (CRTVE)

Support in the modernisation of network infrastructures, moving them forward to state-ofthe- art standards to have a highly capable, agile and robust network that can guarantee high reliability and quality in its public service provisioning.

Strategic consulting to develop and integrate AI technologies into audiovisual content generation and distribution processes, with semantic technology project development activities to integrate automatic metadata systems and implement semantic search engines.

Support in the evaluation and improvement of algorithms for content recommendation and implementation of users’ online consumption dashboards through advanced analytical techniques.

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