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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector

We support the Administration in the field of planning and managing the radio spectrum for the various radio communication services throughout Spain, guaranteeing the quality and universal availability of this service to society. We also provide consulting services and assistance with the definition and monitoring of the National Transition Plans to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), and with managing the digital dividend.
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation / Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures (SETELECO) / Secretariat of State for Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA)
In the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Isdefe has a long history of providing engineering and technical consulting services to plan the radio spectrum, manage the digital dividend, reduce the digital divide and define digital public and e-government services. In this area, our teams support SETELECO and SEDIA, as well as other competent bodies in the field of regulating and supervising ICT services.
Isdefe provides its management assistance services throughout Spain, guaranteeing the quality and universal availability at the service of society, carrying out actions to help implement Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and digitise society with the deployment of 4G and 5G mobile technologies, such as the following:
Radio spectrum planning and management in order to develop radiocommunication services: radio-broadcasting and fixed wireless loop, point-to-point links of fixed and fixed-satellite service, mobile services and space services.
Constant assistance with the evolution of DTT, from its implementation to supporting the execution of frequency migration processes (first and second digital dividends), for use by mobile electronic communications services in the deployment of 4G and 5G technologies, and with the monitoring and execution of the 5G National Plan.
Assistance with tendering processes for frequency bands by electronic auction in the 700 MHz and 3.4 to 3.6 GHz bands, with the aim of making these frequencies available to providers of electronic communications services.
Support to the SETELECO Cabinet in activities related to the evaluation, strategic definition, implementation, and dissemination of new telecommunications technologies, and in particular radiocommunications.

We engage in specialised technical support activities in information security and digital trust, and assist with the management and execution of communications programmes, such as the New Infrastructures Programme, to boost the deployment of ultra-fast networks and broadband infrastructures, and provide regulatory consulting services and analysis of telecommunications markets.
Ministry of the Interior / Penitentiary Work and Job Training (TPFE)
Consultancy on ICT services for the strategic definition, planning, control and monitoring of information networks and systems, in order to carry out the TPFE's Strategic Plan for Electronic Administration and Digital Transformation.
Support in the planning and definition of milestones until the entry into service of an integrated management system (ERP).
Ministry of Interior / SDG of Information and Communications Systems for Security (SGSICS)
Ongoing support to SGSICS in its work to manage and supervise the current telecommunications services of the National Police and Civil Guard through the Programme Office of the Unified Communications Service (OPSUC).
This service includes all the communications services (fixed telephony, mobile telephony, IP, etc.) required by law enforcement agencies in order to fulfil their mission of safeguarding citizens' rights and freedoms.
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation / Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures (SETELECO) / Secretariat of State for Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA)
Specialised technical support in the field of communications networks and systems, providing assistance with the management and implementation of advanced telecommunications infrastructure programmes to promote the deployment of ultra-fast networks and broadband infrastructures.
Provision of strategic ICT consultancy services for activities that rely heavily on confidential information, or in which a guarantee of objectivity and independence of the interests of third parties is required, such as in the analysis of sensitive business information or the definition and execution of digital transformation plans.
The activities carried out for the SEDIA include:
Support with the implementation of measures associated with the EU Next Generation Funds (PRTR) and the 2025 Digital Spain Agenda; in relation to the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the Promotion of SMEs, the Data Spaces Component and the National Digital Skills Plan.
Support to the Technical Office with managing the National Plan for Natural Language Technologies, as part of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, and with coordinating ICT actions and projects in this area with the European Commission.
Technical assistance to the Cabiner with planning and promoting technological innovation programmes and with institutional missions in the ICT field related to international organisations and the European Union.
Support with the definition, design, implementation and operation of improvements in the management and control system of public aid for innovation in the ICT sector.
Assistance with the economic and budgetary management of public aid programmes, and with the implementation, coordination and management of the different plans, collaboration agreements, and other initiatives.
The activities carried out for SETELECO include:
Support in the management and execution of actions related to the Restructuring, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR), within the framework of the 5G Connectivity, Development and Spanish Audiovisual Hub Plans, as well as in the management and monitoring of innovation projects.
Support with activities to spur investments in the field of electronic communications infrastructures and in relation to compliance with the regulations applicable to the deployment of public electronic communications networks.
Technical assistance with the management and economic-budgetary monitoring of public aid programmes to achieve the goals of the 2025 Digital Spain Agenda.
Support with the management and control functions carried out by SETELECO as an Intermediate Body and in support of other European programmes.
Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities / RedIRIS
RedIRIS is the Spanish academic and research network, providing advanced communications and other ICT services to the scientific and academic community, with more than 500 affiliated institutions. Currently, the UNI-DIGITAL Plan's ICT infrastructure and services project line, coordinated by the Ministry of Universities and funded by the European Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), is being implemented.
Isdefe provides a technical service that specialises in managing the various phases of the life cycle of the projects to deploy the ultra-fast infrastructures and common ICT services of the UNI-DIGITAL Plan.
Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration (MISSM)
Specialised technical support to provide the MISSM with an advanced data analytics platform, with specific data and processing areas, called "Digital Infrastructure for Data-Based Social Inclusion Policies".
The system must cover the needs of the different user profiles, from basic analysts to advanced data scientists with Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (PLN) or Deep Learning (DL) requirements, and even allow the configuration of "laboratories" so that users outside the MISSM can use the analytical capabilities of the infrastructure securely and guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information.
Isdefe provides technical assistance services to design, prepare, monitor, govern and control the projects of the Digital Infrastructure deployment programme.
Ministry of the Presidency and Relations with the Courts and Democratic Heritage / National Heritage
Isdefe provides National Heritage with the technical project office services needed to support the technical configuration and commissioning of the communications network of the new Museum of Royal Collections, and the modernisation and interconnection with the existing networks in the different National Heritage centers.
These services cover all the tasks necessary for the preparation of the technical specifications and the incorporation of all those systems and equipment that are essential for the proper operation of the Museum, as a complement to its exhibition function.
National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC)
Isdefe provides consulting services to the Directorate of Telecommunications and the Audiovisual Sector (DTSA) of the CNMC to conduct various analyses and studies in the field of electronic communications, notably:
Regular analyses of the evolution of broadband infrastructures nationally, the results of which enable the DTSA to continuously assess the competitiveness of the telecommunications market.
Verification of the results of the accounting models to determine the costs of regulated electronic communications services.
Spanish Radio and Television Corporation (RTVE)
Specialised services to the RTVE Corporation in different areas:
Strategic consultancy to develop and integrate artificial intelligence technologies in the processes of generating and distributing audiovisual content, by integrating natural language processing technologies in the development of semantic search engines in the mobile and web channel of RTVE, among others.
Support in the development of the Strategic Technology Plan and definition of indicators and mechanisms to monitor the evolution of the Plan.
NATO / Communications and Information Agency (NCA)
Technical assistance to its Security Operations Centre with the configuration, optimisation and operation of the NATO Network Incident Management and Security Monitoring Tool (CLASS/UNCLASS).
Isdefe provides the NCIA, at its facilities in The Hague, with management services for NATO programmes and projects, so that it can implement its information and communications systems. We have in force a framework agreement with government non-profit organisations which will allow Isdefe to carry out pre-contractual activities that require independence from any commercial or industrial interest.