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Transport Sector

Traffic Management


We provide technical consulting services to manage the implementation and operation of traffic management support systems, lending technical assistance to national authorities in areas such as regulation and oversight, technical service provisioning and operational safety audits.

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / ENAIRE

In relation to Air Traffic Management, it has relied on:
• Specification and tests prior to commissioning the new version of the Automatic Air Traffic Control System, SACTA 4.0.
• Commissioning of Air Navigation systems
• Support to the development plan for ENAIRE's network systems management centre (SYSRED).

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC)

Collaboration with the DGAC in setting the sector's policy through the strategies of airports, air navigation and air transport.

Technical support in the regulatory development of the Single European Sky (SES) and
its implementation in national regulations, and in monitoring the SESAR 3 European R&D programme.
Technical support in the Civil Secretariat of the Interministerial Commission between Defence and Transport,
Mobility and Urban Agenda (CIDETMA)
Adoption of agreements to improve the flexible use of airspace (FUA) with the development of:
• Principles for the exercise of the Functions related to the Flexible Use of Airspace.
• Modification of the Commission's Operating Rules.
Support to the USOAP Programme office (Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme), whose
ultimate objective is to promote global aviation safety, through periodic audits of safety supervision
in all of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) member states.
International (ICAO):
Technical support in the development of:
• Studies on the evolution of operational safety indicators with a State scope, and
a comparison with neighbouring European States.
• Studies on the progress of corrective actions.

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / State Agency for Air Safety (AESA)

• Collaboration in inspection tasks for the supervision of operational safety regulations compliance by air navigation service providers, air transport operators and aeronautical personnel.
- Regulatory control inspection for the continuous supervision of Air Traffic Service Providers (ATS).
- Inspection of the Airspace Management Service (ASM), the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) and the Airspace Design Service (ASD).
- Certification and continuous supervision of Air Traffic Controller training organisations (ATCO).
- Supervision of the measures taken by providers to guarantee the continuity of their service during the circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 situation.
- Adaptation of the Inspection Plan to the situation derived from COVID-19.

• Carrying out consulting activities aimed at the continuous improvement of aviation safety, (review of future European regulations, supervision of technical documentation, management of international groups, etc.)

• Sending to the USOAP (Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme) Programme Office the State responses to the Amendments of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) Annexes and the response to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regarding the Compliance checklists of ICAO Annex 4 (Aeronautical Charts).

Transport Centres


We support the authorities of transport management and control centres, both at the airport and port level, in the performance of activities for the specification of information systems, for the verification, validation and certification of applications and equipment, and for decision-making support systems, contributing to the development and implementation of protection strategies for transport systems and facilities.

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / AENA

Technical support in managing the life cycle of airport operations and security applications and ICT infrastructures, both in the specification and testing phases as well as in the control and supervision of their implementation and deployment in the airports of the network.

• During the pandemic, the Operational Recovery Group has been supported in the search for solutions to implement portable biometric technology in passenger boarding, analysis of solutions aimed at protecting the health of passengers and employees and providing the necessary confidence in them to enable their return to airports, taking advantage, as far as possible, of systems already deployed at airports.

• Homologation tests of all equipment (filter doors and self-boarding, kiosks and other devices) of the new Biometrics Framework Agreement.

• Specification and testing of Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) procedures in the Cooperative System of the Airport Environment (SCENA) as well as their integration with Enaire's Automatic Air Traffic Control System (SACTA).

• Support in the management of the Strategic Information Systems Plan.

• Support in managing the framework agreements that serve as the basis for the acquisition and installation of ICT infrastructure equipment, Data Processing Centre and airport security equipment, all for the entire airport network.

• Support in the transfer of equipment and commissioning of the redundant Data Processing Centre
in T4 of the Madrid / Barajas Airport.

• Support for the Information Systems Plan for the Northeast Brazil Airport Group.

Support in improving the efficiency of infrastructures and in the quality of the
services provided.

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda / DGAC and State Air Safety Agency (AESA)

Collaboration in the implementation of the National Air Safety Programme (PNS) in all airports of the national network, through:

• Fulfilment of audits, inspections, tests and drills at the different airports, to monitor compliance with the physical security programme of airport service providers.

• Development of the National Civil Aviation Training Plan (PNF) and in cybersecurity activities.

Review of the ICAO Risk Group (WGTR) documentation related to the update of the incidence of COVID 19 on the global AVSEC (aviation security) risk analysis.

Collaboration with the State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA) in inspection tasks for the supervision of operational safety regulations compliance by airport managers and aeronautical personnel:

• Safety inspection of airports for public use.

• Continuous supervision of airport certification.

• Participation in the preparation of the Post- COVID Airport Safety Inspections Protocol.

• Inspections to Ground Assistance Service Agents (handling).

• Adaptation of the Ground Assistance Agent Inspection procedures for inspections carried out during the limitations resulting from COVID-19.

Consulting activities aimed at continuous improvement of airport environment security.

Advanced concepts


We participate in the development of new concepts and technologies in the transport operations environment, supporting the development and introduction of regulations, promoting multimodal operations, the implementation of transport operations based on satellite navigation (GNSS), and providing technical support for the integration of unmanned aerial systems (RPAS) in non-segregated airspace.

European Union / Single European Sky Joint Undertaking (SESAR-JU)

Participation as Linked Third Party of ENAIRE, in the following projects of Wave 2 of SESAR 2020:

• PJ04 Wave 2, Total Airport Management, for the development of concepts, tools and procedures that improve the predictability and resilience of airport operations and thereby improve the punctuality of flights in a safe and sustainable environment.

• PJ13 Wave 2, Enable RPAS Insertion in Controlled Airspace, to analyse the technical and operational capabilities of RPAS so that they can operate safely in Class A-C controlled airspace.

European GNSS Agency (GSA)

Various activities for the GSA to support programme management (Galileo and EGNOS) and strategic consulting. The work has been carried out in three areas of activity:

• GNSS and space-based applications for transportation.

• Remote activation service for emergency radio beacons for transportation.

• GNSS for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

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