Letter from the President

Ms. Esperanza Casteleiro Llamazares

Secretary of State for Defence
President of Isdefe

It gives me great pleasure to introduce, for the first time, the Isdefe Annual Report, which describes the main milestones and initiatives that the company undertook over the course of FY 2019, together with its economic, social and environmental management. The good results achieved are undoubtedly the result of the principle of excellence, which guides the operations and governance of the organisation.

Although the Report is for last year, I would be remiss not to mention the deep scar that the pandemic that is devastating us on a global scale is leaving on our country. Society is witnessing the key role that the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces are playing in mitigating the health emergency and its effects, both economically and socially, underscoring their mission and contribution to the welfare of the country. In response, the Secretary of State, together with other ministerial departments, is undertaking a set of actions intended to reactivate the national defence industry and to save jobs, the goal being to restore modernisation programmes to normal and guarantee the security of the supply chain so as not to compromise our strategic capabilities.

In this context, it is reassuring to have Isdefe as a multidisciplinary support tool, both in the field of defence and security and in all of its other areas of activity. Isdefe’s strength, resulting from its 35 years of experience, together with its firm commitment to innovation and R&D, allow it to combine its usual activities with the new demands for services that are required by the Public Administration.

Consequently, Isdefe is essential to supporting the needs that the current challenges are imposing on the Ministry of Defence as part of the process of adapting to the new normal, a process in which participating in international initiatives such as the European Defence Fund (EDF) and Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) will undoubtedly play a decisive role. The organisation is simultaneously continuing to provide services that are closely related to its main function in other sectors, promoting aspects such as digital transformation, cybersecurity and analysing the appearance of emerging technologies, like 5G and artificial intelligence.

To conclude, I would like to note the work of my predecessor, the Board of Directors and the employees of Isdefe, who have showcased their special effort and considerable skills during this difficult time that we are experiencing. All this together has allowed the company to continue its activity with its renowned high level of quality. I am thankful for and recognise the work of our employees and their commitment to public service.

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