Letter from the Secretary of State for Defence

presidente Isdefe

Dña. María Amparo Valcarce García
Secretary of State for Defence
President of Isdefe

The current international context requires a catalyst to transform and modernise the capabilities of our Armed Forces. Isdefe plays a vital role in this task, which is entrusted to the Ministry of Defence.

The development of national capabilities within the EU strengthens the Defence Industrial and Technological foundations and enhances innovation, contributing to one of the great policies of the State: Security and Defence.

Isdefe contributes to this policy by providing a public service of the highest quality in engineering and consulting, which it does by constantly providing knowledge, technological capabilities and innovation, not only to the Ministry of Defence, but also to Public Administrations and International Bodies as a whole.

A team of highly qualified professionals, together with more than 35 years of experience working in close coordination with the Armed Forces, the Ministry itself and the General State Administration, allow the company to offer them the solutions they need.

In addition, Isdefe is a responsible organisation that is committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability, guided by the principles of integrity and good corporate governance. And this is reflected in this 2021 annual report, which describes every management aspect of the company, as well as the services it provides as a technological tool to address the needs of Public Administrations.

I am thankful for the commitment and professionalism of Isdefe’s personnel; it is their effort and dedication that make our results possible.