Letter from the CEO

presidente Isdefe

Francisco Quereda Rubio
Chief Executive Officer of Isdefe

This 2021 annual report reflects the efforts made and the good results obtained, which rely on the essential premises of excellence in the services provided, efficiency in management, promotion of innovation and good governance practices.

Isdefe continues to solidify its position as the leading state-owned company in the Defence and Security sector, especially in the areas that encompass the National Security Strategy.

In the wide-ranging context of the Public Administration, the company has focused its efforts on responding to initiatives related to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan; especially in its support of the digital transformation and the development of the ecological and energy transition.

Its international activity has involved European institutions and international organisations, and within the framework of the Ministry of Defence’s bilateral relations, in initiatives related to our field of activity and experience.

The year 2021 concluded the previous strategic cycle, the results of which will ensure our economic and financial sustainability in the short and medium term, as well as a positive outlook for the company in the other two aspects of sustainability: social and environmental.

The new strategic plan focuses on the years 2022 to 2025 and, together with this annual report and other reports, shows the company’s clear commitment to transparency in management and good corporate governance.

I have no doubt that Isdefe’s main asset is our professionals, whom I thank for their dedication and whose professionalism allows us to continue to be worthy of the trust that is placed in us, as we face the challenges of today and tomorrow.