Letter from the CEO


Francisco Quereda Rubio

Chief Executive

Isdefe is a public consulting and engineering company focused on defence and public security, its main client being the Ministry of Defence. The company's highly specialised knowledge around technology, management and unique service capabilities (space stations) informs our reach as an in-house service provider for the Public Administration, Air Transport, ICT, Energy and Space industries.

In 2019, the company consolidated its activities as the in-house provider of technical services to the Central Government, representing 91% of the activity carried out during the year. We worked under the premises of quality, the promotion of R&D, an international reach, career advancement and good governance and CSR practices.

This Annual Report unpacks Isdefe's activities throughout 2019 and its strategy, posited on supporting the government across areas included in the National Security Strategy and founded on technological modernisation, following the guidelines set out in the Digital Transformation Plan of the Central Government and its public agencies.

In this framework, our engagement in the programmes of international organisations, particularly the European Defence Action Plan, is developed in order to strengthen our innovation-based capabilities and provide synergies to deliver on our aim of supporting the Ministry of Defence, Public Administrations and International Institutions in areas of technological and strategic interest through top-quality services.

During 2019, our activities focused on maintaining a culture of integrity, with management practices that ensured legal compliance and good corporate governance standards under principles of economic and financial sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.

Isdefe's greatest asset is its workforce, whose efforts and dedication have produced the good results we posted and a high satisfaction rate among our clients, and I thank them for their commitment and professionalism.

The 2019 Isdefe Annual Report is available in the usual formats and on the dedicated portal at www.informeanualisdefe.es.

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