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ISDEFE is the in-house technical services provider of the General State Administration (GSA), and provides consulting services to agencies of the Administration. It is the technological provider of reference in the field of Defence and Security and, as such, provides services to the Ministries of Defence, Interior and the rest of the GSA, making its knowledge and experience available to the administrations of other allied countries and international public bodies.

Isdefe is involved in initiatives of interest to Defence and Security, and works for, among others, the European Commission, the European Defence Agency (EDA), the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), the European Space and Satellite Navigation Agencies (ESA and GSA), and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


To support the Ministry of Defence, Public Administrations and international institutions in areas of technological and strategic interest by providing the highest quality consulting and engineering services, as well as by managing, operating and maintaining space complexes.


To progress as a leading multidisciplinary consulting and engineering company by developing high-quality innovative projects that are economically and socially profitable.


We always defend the interests of the Spanish Government against any kind of industrial, commercial or economic constraint.

We anticipate needs by providing innovation in our solutions.

Global vision
We are a multidisciplinary organisation with a great diversity of professional figures who combine to provide a comprehensive service portfolio.

We are committed both to the public organisations we work for, to our organisation and to the rest of society through a work methodology based on ethics and professionalism.

Experience and knowhow
Our activity is based on exploiting the know-how obtained through 35 years of providing services, offering efficient solutions.

We provide engineering, consulting and technical assistance services, en los siguientes sectores de actividad:

Defence and Security
Information and communications technology (ICT)
Public Administrations

To respond efficiently and sustainably to the increased demand for our services, taking into account our public nature and status as an In-House Provider of the Public Administration.

To provide high value-added services in technological and strategic areas, while maintaining our status as a In-House Provider of the Administration.

To enhance Isdefe's position as a leading company in the Defence and Security sector and in the areas encompassed in the National Security Strategy.

To guide the GSA through the challenges facing it:
- European Funds.
- Digital Transformation.
- Energy.

To ensure our economic and financial sustainability in the short and medium term.

To strengthen Isdefe's staff as the company's main asset and improve our equality policies.

To put the customer at the centre of Isdefe's management model.

To enhance Isdefe's presence in European institutions and international bodies in initiatives involving our areas of activity that are of interest and generate a return for the GSA in general, and the Defence Ministry in particular.

To innovate to anticipate needs and gain the knowledge needed to incorporate emerging technologies in order to achieve the challenges of the Administration.

To promote transparency and contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and strengthen environmental, social and governance sustainability aspects.

The trend in the turnover from Isdefe's activities as an In-House Service Provider, has been as follows:

Engineering and consulting activities

Activity of Isdefe by geographical location


of our staff is located at Calle
Beatriz de Bobadilla 3, de Madrid.

The Spanish Administration in general, and the Ministry of Defence in particular, have multiple interests in the international arena and a persistent global presence.

Isdefe is a tool for the Administration's Foreign Action Strategy. For this reason, Isdefe's international activity strategy focuses on European multilateral organisations and the administrations of Spain's allies.

Be present in initiatives and organisations of interest to defence and security.
Align international activity with the interests of the GSA in general and of the Ministry of Defence in particular, in keeping with the Foreign Action Strategy of the State.
Focus its activity on the areas of excellence of the company.
Acquire knowledge to enhance Isdefe's activity as an In-House Provider.