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Transport Sector

Traffic Management


We provide technical consulting services to manage the implementation and operation of traffic management support systems, lending technical assistance to national authorities in areas such as regulation and oversight, technical service provisioning and operational safety audits.

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Digital Agenda / ENAIRE

Traffic management activities for the commissioning of:

  • A new version of the SACTA system at the control towers in Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid.
  • New terminal area control centre (TACC) at Valencia and the Murcia Region International Airport.
  • Deployment of new ENAIRE voice and data network infrastructure (REDAN) across the national territory.
  • secondary radars “Mode S” on the island of Lanzarote, at Turrillas (Almería) and Valdespina (Palencia).

Technical assistance for the development of the ENAIRE Contingency Plan at the control centres of Madrid and Barcelona and the control tower at Madrid airport.

Support activities for the ENAIRE Network Operation Oversight and Service Centre (SYSRED), providing real-time operational oversight of the Network and operational and maintenance services for centralised air navigation systems, including:

  • Delivering on requirements and needs, analysing technologies and tools, defining the new operating model and coordinating and engaging in validation tests, among other activities.

Technical consulting services for the design and implementation of the R&D Management System:

  • Procedures for the internal ideas competition, as well as the Observatory, Committee and Innovation Unit.
  • Analysis of areas of interest, services, opportunities, prospects, regulatory frameworks, strategic opinions, problems and challenges in the scope of application of the Air Traffic Management System.
  • Improvement of the web platform serving as a tool for SESAR projects management.
Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Digital Agenda / General Secretariat for Transport / General Directorate for Civil Aviation (DGAC)

Collaboration in setting out sector policies through airport, air navigation and air transport strategies by drafting studies on market developments, public pricing, access by new operators and other public service obligations.

Support for the regulatory development of the Single European Sky (Single European Sky) and its implementation in national regulations.

Technical support for the Civil Secretariat of the Interministerial Defence-Public Works Commission (CIDEFO) and the USOAP Programme Office for overseeing the implementation in Spain of the regulations arising from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Digital Agenda / Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA)

Support in inspection activities for monitoring compliance with operational safety regulations by air navigation service providers, airport managers, air transport operators and aeronautical staff.

Consulting oriented to the implementation of new operating concepts and the study of ongoing improvement in air safety.

Transport Centres


We support the authorities of transport management and control centres, both at the airport and port level, in the performance of activities for the specification of information systems, for the verification, validation and certification of applications and equipment, and for decision-making support systems, contributing to the development and implementation of protection strategies for transport systems and facilities.

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Digital Agenda / AENA

Support in managing the life cycle of applications for airport operations, security and ICT infrastructures, both at the specification, testing and control stages and at the stage of supporting their implementation and deployment in airports within the network. Support activities for:

  • Advanced Control Tower project at Tenerife Norte and Valencia airports and start of the CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) at Malaga-Costa del Sol airport.
  • Coordination of AENA’s engagement in SESAR projects.
  • Project for the connection of CDM airports with the Network Manager (Eurocontrol) to improve air operation predictability and accuracy.
  • Tests for the implementation of passenger self-boarding using biometrics through facial recognition.
  • Control and supervision of the partial renewal of the TETRA network at Barcelona-El Prat Airport.
  • Management of the framework agreements that will serve as the basis for the procurement and installation of equipment associated with public information systems, check-in systems, server equipment and microcomputing equipment for the entire airport network.
  • Approval tests on automatic doors and safety filters.
  • Commissioning of the Murcia Region International Airport.
  • Various initiatives connected with the AENA Strategic Information Systems Plan.
  • Verification, validation and certification tests of various applications in airport operations, services, security and commercial environments.

AENA support office to improve infrastructure efficiency, service quality and income optimisation. The activities covered by this office are: 

  • Technological monitoring of sector developments and trends and those in other compatible sectors.
  • Market comparison of the different innovation initiatives in the airport sector.
  • Update and coordination, both internal and external, of innovative projects within the framework of the AENA 4.0 airport strategy.
  • Technical and economic analysis of subsequent deployments and implementations.

Technical support to the Airport Management Centre (CGA) of Madrid-Barajas airport, in the implementation of service improvements, coordination of training actions, resource management, control of file activities under execution, management of technical incidents in the infrastructure and systems area, system integration functional specification and Centre systems requirements specification.

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Digital Agenda / General Secretariat for Transport / General Directorate for Civil Aviation (DGAC) and Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA)

Collaboration in the implementation of the National Aviation Safety Programme (NSP) across all airports in the national network, by conducting audits, inspections, tests and drills at the different airports in order to oversee compliance with the physical safety programme of airport service providers.

Collaboration with AESA on the inspection and supervision of operational safety of the airport system and that of airport service providers of ground-handling services. Participation in safety assessment processes through internal technical audits.

Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Digital Agenda / ENAIRE

Technical support for satellite navigation systems (GNSS) in:

  • Updating the ENAIRE PBN (Perfomance Based Navigation) implementation plan.
  • GNSS interference detection and location projects.
  • Contribution to the SESAR Joint Undertakingin relation to types of airport approach services based on satellite use.
  • Support in the preparation of ENAIRE bids for SESAR (Dual Frequency / Multi Constellation DFMC GNSS/SBAS and GBAS) and VLD-01 (Demonstration of runway enhanced approaches made with satellite navigation DREAMS).

Advanced Concepts


We engage in developing new concepts and technologies in the field of transport operations by supporting the drafting and implementation of regulations, fostering multimodal operations, the implementation of satellite navigation-based transport operations (GNSS) and providing technical support to the integration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in the non-segregated airspace.

European Union / Single European Sky Joint Undertaking (SESAR-JU)

Participation, together with ENAIRE (Linked Third Party), in the following Wave 1 phase projects of the SESAR 2020 programme:

  • Pj.03a Integrated Surface Management, for RPAS integration into ground operations at airports: the project was completed with the execution of validation exercises through a simulation of RPAS operations at the Salamanca air base (Matacán)
  • Pj.04 Wave1 Total Airport Management, for the integration of airports in the ATM network: the project was completed with the execution of validation exercises at Madrid-Barajas and Palma de Mallorca airports.
  • Pj.14 CNS, for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Services) developments in the SESAR environment.
  • Pj.19 Content Integration, for the harmonisation of the features of all the projects within Wave 1 and development of the operations concept: the project was completed with the updating of the high-level requirements for the entire SESAR programme.
  • Pj.24 Network Collaborative Management: the project was concluded with the coordination of demonstration exercises for the integration of airports with the Network Manager through the exchange of AOP/NOP (Airport Operations Plan/Network Operations Plan) information and arrivals management via TTA (Target Time of Arrivals) information.
  • DOMUS project: demonstration verification exercises spearheaded by Isdefe were executed at the ATLAS aerodrome in Villacarrillo (Jaén).
European GNSS Agency (GSA)

Strategic consulting and support activities for the management of the Galileo and EGNOS programmes:

  • GNSS and space-based applications for transport.
  • Remote activation service for emergency radio beacons for transport.
  • GNSS for UAVs.
Proyectos internos de Isdefe

Proyecto ARES UTM, ganador de la tercera convocatoria del programa de captación y gestión de ideas de I+D+i de Isdefe, concluyó con la elaboración de la arquitectura funcional U-Space para España y la presentación de resultados en conferencias internacionales y nacionales.

Proyecto ARETA (Aviation Real-Time Emissions Token Accreditation), ganador de la cuarta convocatoria del programa de captación y gestión de ideas de I+D+i de Isdefe. Proyecto para la acreditación, en tiempo real de emisiones producidas por la aviación comercial, convirtiendo dichas emisiones en activos de intercambio digital (tokens), gestionados por una plataforma block
y aplicando tecnologías de Big Data, el objetivo es la creación de un demostrador tecnológico que sirva como base para distribuir conocimiento y para futuras iniciativas.

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