Advanced concepts

Within the European Union, Isdefe participated in the SESAR-JU project: “U-Space Separation in Europe” (USEPE), whose goal is to propose and validate solutions for the safe separation of drones in urban environments, using Machine Learning techniques and taking into account the special weather conditions that occur in cities (mainly turbulent wind shear between buildings). Isdefe led the consortium made up of seven partners from four countries.

IFR RPAS Control in Airports and TMA” Project (INVIRCAT), whose objective was to provide means for the safe and efficient integration of RPAS into existing air traffic control (ATC) procedures and infrastructures within terminal manoeuvring areas (TMA) under instrument flight rules (IFR).

Finally, it is worth mentioning our participation in the SESAR 2020 project PJ13 ERI-CA, “Enable RPAS Insertion in Controlled Airspace”, to analyse the system capabilities of both RPAS and the ATM system and the procedures established for RPAS to operate safely, in nominal and emergency situations, in controlled airspace, in order to avoid a negative impact on manned air traffic.