Digital transforamation

The 2022-2025 Strategic Plan includes a Digital Transformation Plan, an operational plan that develops the actions aligned to achieve one of the strategic objectives called “Company Management”, one of its lines being:

“Developing Digital Transformation through an effective and interoperable technological infrastructure with agile and efficient processes, protecting the Company’s critical information, developing a digital procurement strategy and a flexible and adaptable working environment”.

The plan has the following objectives:

- Deploy a modern technology infrastructure
- Transforming current processes into agile, efficient and automated processes
- Empower people to cope with change and transformation
- Implement the single data strategy

The Digital Transformation Plan in four groups of initiatives:​

- Deployment of technological infrastructure
- Analysis, simplification and automation of processes
- Digital acquisition strategy
- Digital workstation

The Plan determines the governance model and the responsibilities of each and every one of those involved in the transformation process. All actions, initiatives and projects included in the Plan will comply with the stipulations of Isdefe’s Security Policy

The most important initiatives in 2022 were:

Futuristic networking technology remix with woman using virtual screen