Defence and Security sector

Defence Planning

We offer strategic consulting services and methodological support for capability-based planning, which supports the strategic military planning process of the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

Platform acquisition and sustainment programmes

We provide technical consultancy services in the fields of planning, economic-financial, technological and sustainment throughout the life cycle of air, land and naval platform programmes, including remotely piloted platforms, ensuring an effective and comprehensive solution.

Networks and Command and Control Systems

We provide engineering and consultancy services at the strategic, operational and tactical levels to support the implementation and management of large Information and Telecommunications Systems (CIS) and Command and Control systems, both in the military field and in that of the State Security Forces.

Technology centres

We provide multidisciplinary work teams at defence research, development and experimentation centres, teams that have the knowledge and experience necessary for scientific-technical and management environments.

Logistics and Supply Chain Systems

We provide engineering, consultancy and support services to improve the efficiency and control of the logistics systems of the Armed Forces, providing solutions in the supply chain and in the management of logistics centres, knowledge and support in the processes of the NATO Cataloguing System.

Intelligence systems and electronic warfare

We collaborate with military and law enforcement agencies in the engineering of engineering capture and electronic warfare systems, as well as in the conceptualisation and testing of systems to inhibit, disrupt or intercept unauthorised communications, in order to support strategic, operational and tactical commanders in the development of their missions.

Security in information systems and critical infrastructures

We carry out engineering activities in the field of information security and critical infrastructures, both for the Ministry of Defence and for other Ministries.

Strategic Infrastructures

We provide support services for the management of strategic infrastructures such as naval bases, police centres or airports, which are essential for the normal functioning of a country. We provide technical support services in planning, design and project management of this type of special facilities, applying the duality of engineering to both the military and civilian spheres.

Border Surveillance and Control Systems

We provide strategic and technical consultancy services with a high technological component in the field of border surveillance and control, integrating detection systems, command and control communications means, and developments for the detention and identification of possible threats in maritime and land border areas.

Technology and industrial management

We collaborate in the development of national industrial capacity, providing consultancy services for the definition of technological-industrial plans and policies, the management of industrial cooperation, the analysis of industrial capacities, the implementation of technological surveillance and competitive intelligence systems and the promotion of platforms for innovation.

Crisis and Emergency Management Systems

We offer technical support to national and international organisations in the management of special situations, through consultancy to military and civil protection organisations, for the development of crisis control and management centres, with special emphasis on command and control and communications systems, as well as organisational and management aspects.