Strategic Infrastructures

For the Logistics Support Headquarters of the Navy, we have provided services for Architecture and Civil Works of Buildings and Installations in its facilities and in the Head Offices of Installations, Naval Arsenals Infrastructures and other Organs/Units related to the Infrastructure Directorate.

Support has also been given to the management of the works for the conditioning of the trenches, and in the construction of the new dock at the Submarine Base for the berthing of the S-80 submarines, as well as the support to the Integrated Ground Surveillance Centre (CIVT) of the S-80, in the Arsenal of Cartagena, Murcia. We have provided assistance services for the Works Management and support for the Management of Financing Procedures of the NATO Security & Investment Programme (NSIP), for the New 50/60 HZ Electrical Power Supply System for Ships, at the La Curra dock, Cartagena, Murcia.

Within the Ministry of the Interior, we have provided technical support to the Secretary of State for Security in the drafting of the execution projects, including health and safety studies, for the works of the new security infrastructures in the border perimeters of Spain and Morocco, in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.