Responsibility: Governance Model

Isdefe’s governance model ensures the implementation and consolidation of three basic pillars: the Code of Ethics, the Criminal Risk Prevention Programme (PRP) and Transparency.

Prevention of crime and behaviours against ethic

During 2022, work has been carried out on the implementation of the actions included in the “Action Plan on Ethics, PRP and Transparency systems” approved in December 2020.


Training and awareness-raising on corporate compliance for the entire workforce.


Launch of the new Ethics Mailbox, a unified, anonymous, confidential channel for reporting possible non-compliance, open to third parties.


Inclusion in Isdefe’s Strategic Plan 2022-2025 of a line of action related to Governance and Transparency, which includes among its strategic objectives the promotion of a culture of ethics, integrity and compliance.

Good Company Governance


The transparency of public information and the exercise of the right of access through the Transparency Portal is a guarantee against corruption and bribery.

Isdefe continues to modernise and innovate the Transparency Portal, which follows the recommendations of the Council for Transparency and Good Governance and incorporates the degree of mandatory compliance and the quality of transparency through a series of indicators.

Criminal Risk Prevention Programme (PPRP)

It is articulated in a series of control systems and mechanisms that strengthen the governance model, such as:

Isdefe adopts the appropriate measures to prevent money laundering, both in the management practices of its staff and in the corporate management of its activity

Staff trained in the prevention of criminal risks