Public administration sector

Assessment for the modernization of the Administration

We introduce services of engineering and assessment for the improvement and modernization of public administrations in areas like energy consultancy, reengineering of process and management of change. Next, the activities taken in this field are shown, both for the Ministry of Defense and for the others Ministries.

Digital Transformation of the Administration

We provide support to public administrations for their digital transformation, providing solutions that promote the improvement and innovation of their services and their technological modernisation. This area of activity includes the activities provided in this field, both for the Ministry of Defence and for the rest of the Ministries.

Support to the Economic Management of the Civil Service

We support the General State Administration in the management, evaluation, monitoring and continuous auditing of Public Funds Programmes, both national and European. Consultancy in analytical accounting through the calculation of tariffs and their structuring, and advice on the design of strategies, policies and analysis of technical-economic information for regulators and supervisors of services in regulated markets.