Networks and Command and Control Systems

In the area of the Secretary of State for Defence, we collaborate with the Centre for Information and Communications Systems and Technologies (CESTIC) in the planning, management and monitoring of projects for the supply of corporate information and communications services to the Ministry of Defence, through the I3D (Integrated Defence Information Infrastructure) and support in the definition and evaluation of architectures, NATO software tools, implementation of ICT infrastructure, management of the operation of systems and services, and information security.

In addition, at CESTIC we supported the implementation of the Defence Information Infrastructure (I3D) in private cloud mode, and the deployment and commissioning of the new National Command and Control System (SC2N) on it.

We also participated in the development of the Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) offices, under the Ministry’s Action Plan for Digital Transformation, defining the policies and technological framework required for process management and data governance.

At the Defence General Staff, Isdefe provides services to the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE) to define information and telecommunications services (CIS) needs in the National Command and Control System (SC2N) and the governance of its management. We advise on the planning of satellite communications capabilities (SATCOM), navigation and identification (NAVID) and cryptological capabilities, in coordination with the CCN. Also, in frequency management and orbit-spectrum coordination with other countries, in the maintenance of electronic warfare systems.

In the Operations Command (MOPS) environment, it has participated in technical aspects related to information and knowledge management, intelligence, logistics and plans, and in the use and updating of NATO SW tools used for planning, management and monitoring of joint operations.

In the context of the CIS Headquarters of the Armed Forces Staffs, we collaborated with the heads of the information and telecommunications systems of the Armed Forces in obtaining the IOC (Initial Operation Capability) for the National Command and Control System (SC2N) of the Army, Navy and Air and Space Forces.