Technology and industrial management

In the area of the Secretary of State for Defence, we have collaborated with the SDG for Inspection, Regulation and Industrial Strategy (SDG INREID), providing services to support industry in the development of armament and material acquisition programmes, and in the establishment of procedures and regulations to comply with the requirements established by the MINISDEF associated with its programmes. Studies and analyses have also been carried out for the definition of the new Defence Industrial Strategy.

For the Industrial Management Area, support was provided in the negotiation and monitoring of the Industrial Plans associated with the acquisition programmes.

Support was provided to the SDG for Planning, Technology and Research (SDGPLATIN), in the Defence Technological Observation and Prospective System (SOPT), for the prioritisation and strategic definition of the Ministry in the technological field. We also provided support in the management, monitoring and validation of defence Research and Development (R&D) programmes, as well as in the implementation of the Defence Technology and Innovation Strategy (ETID) 2021- 2027, with the translation of technological objectives into a portfolio of 120 programmes in different fields (Armaments, Sensors, Radar, C4ISTAR, Cyber Defence, Simulation, Platforms, Robotics, Energy, Propulsion and Materials).

We would highlight our participation in the organisation of the 8th National Defence and Security R&D Congress (DESEi+d 2022) and our support in the management and evaluation of the Coincident 2022 Programme, which seeks technological synergies with the National R&D Plan.

In the international environment and within the European Defence Agency (EDA), an analysis has been carried out of the existing industrial capabilities in the European defence industry associated with the activities/areas considered strategic by the member countries (KSA), together with an assessment of their shortcomings both at a technological and industrial level and in terms of technical profiles and raw materials, of 5 new “topics” (“Additive Manufacturing”, “Cyber Defence for Space”, “Miniaturised Sensors”, “Outsized Cargo Air Transport” and “Semiconductors in defence supply chains”).