Technology centres

In the Aeronautical Systems SDG, we support the certification of aircraft and the qualification of aeronautical products. In the Aeronautical Test Centre (CEDEA), we support the Armament Test Enhancement Programme, providing engineering services for the development, operation and maintenance of tracking and trajectory platforms.

Also, in the area of unmanned aerial platforms (UAVs), we provide support in engineering, integration, testing and maintenance of these platforms and support for flight operations. In addition, we provide engineering services in energy and environmental testing and in the certification of petroleum products.

For the Subdirectorate General of Land Systems, we support the Technological Centre for Development and Experimentation (CETEDEX), a reference centre for research projects in Jaen, in different activities around its three axes: Anti-drone systems, Autonomous vehicles (both civil and military vehicles) and Artificial intelligence, providing support for specific applications of interest to INTA.

In the area of NBQ Defence Systems, we provide support to the nuclear and radiological laboratories, and to the biological diagnosis and chemical weapons laboratories, collaborating in the delivery of courses and research activities.

We provide technical support in the activities of the laboratories for sensors, countermeasures, missiles, integration of payloads for missile optronics systems, and weapons and ballistic systems.

For the Centre for Special Environmental Tests (CEAES), we provide technical support in the new INTA Centre in Cuadros (León), in the performance of mechanical, thermal, impact and environmental tests on weapons systems and on-board systems.

We provide support services in information technologies, communications and simulation, tactical data links and maintenance activities for the cybersecurity laboratory, and for the Torregorda Test Centre in the performance of laboratory tests and ammunition fire tests for the defence industry.

We support the testing and certification of platforms and ground vehicles in the areas of security and powertrains.

For the Subdirectorate General of Naval Systems, we provide support to the Test Department for the instrumentation of models and their corresponding tests in test channels and open water for the industry.

We collaborate with the Metrology and Calibration Centre in the preparation of certificates and calibration tests and for the Special Environmental Testing Centre (CEAES) in Cuadros (León), in thermal, altitude and vibration tests. We also provide support to the Cybersecurity laboratory of the La Marañosa Technological Institute (ITM) in projects related to ICT product testing and evaluation, preparation for accreditation as a LINCE Evaluation Laboratory.