Logistics and Supply Chain Systems

In the area of the Directorate General of Armament and Material (DGAM), we provide support to the National Cataloguing Office in the NATO Cataloguing System and in the maintenance, support and evolution of the Defence cataloguing system (SICAD), through the implementation (in Spain and the rest of the user countries) of the new version of SICAD XML.

In the area of the Navy, we supported the Logistics Support Headquarters (JAL) in the monitoring of the execution in Arsenals of the 5th Great Carena of the Galerna Submarine, repair of the “Turia” minehunter and adaptation works of the new transport ship of the Army, BTL-Ysabel. We also participated in the development of the new SIL Logistics Information System, providing support in the functional evolution of the GALIA and SIGAPEA logistics applications.

In the Cartagena Arsenal we supported the development of the information systems of the CESADAR (Centre for Supervision and Data Analysis of the Navy), oriented towards predictive logistics.

It is worth mentioning the technical support to the Technical Support Office for the Life Cycle of the S-80 Submarine (OTACV S-80), with a team of 20 Isdefe staff members who are experts in disciplines related to submarine maintenance, as part of the new collaborative maintenance model between the Navy and industry.

In the area of the Army, we collaborated with the Army’s Logistics Support Command (MALE) in the design of the Army Logistics Base (BLET), both in the preparation of technical documentation for the building and in the execution of the urbanisation and fencing work. Providing support in the determination of civilian and military personnel for the Initial Operational Capability (IOC) and the Final Operational Capability (FOC), in the design of technological solutions for systems, sustainability, technological and financing strategies for the BLET, as well as in the planning and execution of the transition plan.

We have also collaborated with the Army in the development of the Army Predictive Logistics System (SILPRE) project, together with JCISAT and the University of Cordoba.

In the Logistics Support Command (MALOG) of the Air and Space Army, in relation to the logistics information system, a new project has been initiated to set up a Programme Office to monitor the SL2000 technology migration project. In the area of air support, support has also been given to the incorporation of new NH90 and Pilatus fleets and to the calculation of material requirements for the Halcon programme and the rest of the Eurofighter aircraft.

Finally, support has also been given to the management of the C3 phase 2 contract for the maintenance of the Eurofighter; in the A400M, where it participates in the management of engine material and ground support equipment. On the NH90, it is collaborating in the area of maintenance, as well as in initial procurement and material management within a new concept of common support with other armies.

In the international environment, we are supporting the European Defence Agency (EDA) in the new project: “Federal Logistics IT Network”, which analyses the logistics information systems of the different countries of the European Union to define an integration architecture between them, with the aim of carrying out collaborative work through the creation of data and service interfaces.