Defence Planning

Within the Ministry of Defence, we collaborate with the Joint Defence Staff (EMACON), where we provide technical and methodological support in the different phases of force planning, both for the completion of the 2019- 2024 cycle and in the definition phase of the 2024-2029 cycle, to determine the military capabilities required in the short, medium and long term. In turn, support has been provided for adequate coordination with the European (Capability Development Plan) and NATO (NATO Defence Planning Process) planning processes and effective contribution to related international initiatives such as the Coordinated Annual Defence Review (CARD) and the collaborative database (EUCLID) in the case of the European Union.

Within the SDG for Planning, Technology and Research (SDGPLATIN), we provide support in the preparation and monitoring of R&D&I Plans for the programming of armament and materiel needs and the definition of the new 2024-2029 cycle.

In turn, the SDG for International Relations (SDG REINT) supports the planning of national participation in European Defence initiatives, with the preparation of Work Programmes within the development window of the European Defence Fund (EDF), and the evaluation and analysis of proposals to be submitted by national entities.

In the international environment, we highlight our collaboration with the European Defence Agency (EDA), in the definition of possible future conflict scenarios affecting Europe, in the identification of the European military capabilities needed in the long term and existing technological trends, and in the identification of the military means and systems that may be necessary.